NFL’s Eric Berry ‘Doing Really Good’ In Fight Against Cancer

NFL’s Eric Berry ‘Doing Really Good’ In Fight Against Cancer

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs safety has been reported by his brother that Eric is ‘doing really good’ with his fight against Hodgkin lymphoma.

Berry was diagnosed with cancer mid last year to Hodgkin’s which doctors responded to as being a “Very treatable and potentially curable form of cancer.”

Berry had been undergoing tests at Emory University in Atlanta since an MRI exam showed a mass on the right side of his chest. At the time, doctors were still uncertain whether the mass was cancerous, but further testing revealed the lymphoma.

“I think he has three more treatments left. To be honest, I don’t really see it affecting him. He’s a very strong person, and he’s continued to keep strong.” – Younger brother Evan Berry to reporters.

The idea of the Chiefs player returning to pro football isn’t even on the table right now but it’s nice to hear about him in such a positive state.



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