Grand Theft Auto V Is Finally Coming For PC

Grand Theft Auto V Is Finally Coming For PC

For the third (and most probably last) time, GTA V has been delayed again and the PC gamers have had to wait a few more weeks. However, the release of a shiny trailer has put more light on this news and the PC community can rest assured their long awaited title will be playable by April the 14th.

The “PC master race”, as they seem to call themselves, will get the special treatment that almost every game on windows has got in the past as long as they’re willing to pay a higher price for their gaming machine. The version hitting their shelves will boast fancier visuals, support higher resolutions and can also be played with no frame rate limitations unlike its console counterparts.

Not to mention, Grand Theft Auto V will be entirely moddable on PC which is undoubtedly most of the reason people buy GTA on this platform even if they already own the console versions. You can see the amazing and quite hilarious modding that’s been applied on previous the title of the franchise here:



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