Mind Boggling Movie Theories That Could Be True

Mind Boggling Movie Theories That Could Be True

Owen From Jurassic World is the Young Boy from Jurassic Park


Chris Pratt’s character Owen could quite possibly be an older version of a ‘volunteer boy’ from Jurassic Park. As soon as the first trailer hit the internet, fans started the speculation. Owen, in the trailer, says ‘It’s not about control, it’s a relationship, based on respect’ when referring to his relationship with the raptors.

This may seem like absolutely nothing to the average joe, but if you may or may not remember, the young boy from Jurassic Park was taught a lesson from Grant (Sam Neill) to treat the raptors ‘with a little more respect’. According to the theory, this kid decided to learn all about raptors and grew to respect them. Once he’d found out Jurassic World was opening, he applied for a position on the island with the raptors.

Also, Chris Pratt is only one year older than Whit Hertford who played the young boy so ages do seem to be in the right range.



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